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The St. Louis Ghost Train Light...
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I can't believe how many e-mails I've received regarding the St. Louis Ghost Train Light...literally hundreds have written in to ask about my theory, or some other aspect of the light. I've enjoyed hearing from all of you...and you've inspired me to revisit this humble, hidden corner of the planet for yet another look.

This time, though, I went in armed with a DV video camera instead of my old digicam. The results were, well, interesting to say the least.

Note that new "No Tresspassing" signs have been put up by the local landowners, respectfully asking for privacy; the area seems to be a bit of an excuse for a bush party now and then. It should be noted that the ghost light can actually be viewed from the public road in any event, especially with a zoom lens. Those wanting a closer look should obtain permission first.

If you haven't read page one of this little tale already, please do so first, as it'll help explain a lot. For those of you who've been there we glow again...

I took videos of the light on the evening of 2 November, 2006. I'm not sure what the temperature was at the time, but it couldn't have been much more than -15C--hence some of the shaking of the image. The rest of the shakiness comes either from the fact that I was tinkering with settings as I was going along, or the fact that I was using extreme digital zoom. Even with the tripod, a slight breeze will vibrate the camera just enough to cause a bit of havoc when you've zoomed in that much. I've spared you the worst; what follows below is the best I got.

Some quick facts so you know what you're seeing:

-- The two lights you see on the left are streetlights in the town of St. Louis.
The ghost light appears on the right.
-- All the above will seem to shrink and grow on occasion, or move toward or
away from one another. This is because I was zooming in and out.
-- The camera got confused on occasion, since it couldn't decide what part of the darkness to
autofocus on. Thus the light will go in and out of focus on occasion.
-- I took about an hour of footage, and culled it down to 4:41. You may
see the light suddenly "jump" when it hits a "splice".
-- For most of the video, the camera is on night vision, so the lights appear
greenish or colourless. In fact, the ghost light is a warm, incandescent yellow.
-- The shots get better as the video progresses.
-- Yes, there really were coyotes in the vicinity, not unusual in rural Saskatchewan.

Some points of interest in the video:

-- 0:35 - The light flickers into view.
-- 0:51 - Another, unknown light flickers briefly between the streetlights and the ghost light.
It's higher than either of the above, and reappears brighter at 0:56.
-- 1:11 - The ghost light seems to move to the left, toward the streetlights.
At 1:15, it appears to split in two. This ties in with a theory I have.
-- 1:35 - The streetlights are briefly out of view. The ghost light flares up,
giving us the best view colour-wise.
-- 1:49 - I switch to night vision, which seems to focus better but which
gives an inaccurate representation of colour.
-- 2:36 - Twin ghost lights.
-- 3:01 - Ghost light brightens, briefly lighting part of old railroad bed.
-- 4:05 - Beautiful.

The Ghostlight:



Other Videos:

Radio-Canada TV Interview (Franšais)
This website caught the eye of Radio-Canada. As a result, I appeared briefly in a story broadcast on
Canada's French language national news on Halloween, 2002. I'm the at-the-time-blond
dude speaking English...don't blink or you'll miss me. My apologies to Monique
Tremblay, apparently my recording "skipped" at one point, and she
got cut accidentally.

MPG (24.5 Mb)

CTV News
On Halloween, 2006, CTV Saskatoon broadcast this little thing.
Includes story on the Crooked Trees of Hafford--another mystery...
Part 1 - St. Louis Ghost Light:
MPG (17 Mb)
RealPlayer (5.4 Mb)
Part 2 - Hafford Crooked Trees:
MPG (13.2 Mb)
RealPlayer (4.5 Mb)


When not tramping about in the woods, Phil Campagna is a writer of fiction for teenaged readers,
including two novels, The Freedom Run and The Liberty Circle.
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